Wednesday, 27 March 2013

London Calling

Hi everyone!  I’m assuming the entire audience for this blog will be friends and family from back home, but in case anyone else happens to stumble across this page: Welcome!  I’m Jen and I’m spending the next year living, working, and studying in London.  I plan to keep you all updated with my adventures (both in London and on holiday) and post pics when I can.  I invite comments on my posts, but please DO NOT post where I work.  Though most of you back home know what my job is while I’m here, getting too specific is never a good idea.  Along that same line, I’m never going to post anything specific about where my flat is, particular work stuff, or detailed upcoming plans.

My time in London thus far has mostly consisted of orientation to the program and then starting work.  I haven’t gotten to do anything touristy yet, but that will all (hopefully) change this weekend.  With Easter on Sunday, we get a four day weekend.  My roomie and I plan to go exploring.  Unfortunately, I have a terrible cold right now.  If it doesn’t go away quickly, I might not have the energy to do too much.

The one touristy thing I’ve seen so far is the London Bridge.  Last week for lunch some of us from work headed to Borough Market and on the walk there and back, we had a clear view of the London Bridge across the Thames.  The Market itself was awesome.  What seemed like millions of food vendors were set up with foods from around the world.  I had a bratwurst that was so good it could give the West Side Market a run for its money.

Since I don’t have fun Traveling-Around-London stories to share yet, I’ll fill you in on my day-to-day.  So far, I’ve walked to and from work every weekday.  It’s a half hour walk each way.  It’s been very cold out; that’s probably why I’m so sick at the moment.  Getting around London can be confusing because there are so many little alleys and there are streets that change names every ten feet and then there’s my personal favorite, the 35-way intersection near my office.  Okay, I confess, 35 might be a bit of an exaggeration, but it is a lot and it made it very difficult for me to learn directions to my office.  The highlight of one of my paths to work is walking through a really old cemetery.  It’s a very popular shortcut.  The cemetery closed for burials in 1854 after serving as a burial site for over 1,000 years.  The poet William Blake is buried there! 
I meant to write more, but as you all know, I’m easily distracted.  Spent time talking about Doctor Who with the roomie and now it’s time to get some sleep if I ever want this cold to go away.

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  1. Ah, following your blog again. It's not that our friendship comes full circle, it's that history is always repeating itself.

    Just remember whenever you're down: If Life were easy, you'd have too much fun!