Saturday, 20 April 2013

Solo Saturday

Why Today was Awesome

1.        All of my roommates were out of town today for various reasons, so for a few hours I had the flat to myself.  I get along really well with all of my flatmates, but for that short window it was pleasant to be on my own.  It was the first time I’ve been alone since I’ve been here.  Back in the States, I had my own office, my own car, my own bedroom, et cetera, so it was easy to get privacy any time I needed or wanted it.  Here, all of that has changed.  There are always people around whether I’m at work, at the flat, or somewhere in between.  There is no way I would want to live here alone all the time, but it was nice to get that privacy and freedom for a day.  I could do my laundry without worrying about anyone else’s clothes being in the washer.  I could use the kitchen without sharing cooking space.  I could watch TV and not feel like it was interfering with anyone’s music/skype/phone call/whatever.  Now 2 of my flatmates are back and I’m glad to have them here.  =)

2.       Because my roommates were gone, I took the opportunity to go out in London on my own.  It’s really not a big deal to go out exploring solo.  Up until today though, I always had someone else with me.  Today I proved that I can make my way around town without getting lost and without relying on someone else.

3.       I woke up unusually early.  I was up late last night figuring I would sleep in today, but I was awake without an alarm at 8:30.  That’s very unusual for me.  It worked out extremely well because it gave me time to lazily get ready for the day and run my errands before getting on to the more exciting stuff.

4.       I finally found a store that sells the basics for reasonable prices.  I bought a pasta strainer, a spoon rest, and hangers for just over 5 Pounds (I can’t find the button the insert the Pound symbol on this computer).  The store also sells storage containers, which I’ve been searching for ever since we moved into the flats.  I realize this sounds so simple to anyone back in the States, but it was a pretty big deal for me.

5.       I had Chipotle for lunch.  For free.

6.       I went to Harrods.  Thanks to my history of watching Project Runway, I could pronounce the names of most of the designers featured throughout the store.  Thanks to my history of working in the non-profit sector, I could not afford anything there.  To be honest, even if I did have enough money to spend 700 Pounds on a toothbrush holder (that is not an exaggeration.  I saw an actual toothbrush holder that cost over 700 GBP), I would never spend money on things that extravagant.  The store made me feel a little bit sad about society, but made me feel good about myself and my priorities.  I guess that’s condescending; I don’t care.  To be fair, I will admit that I picked out a dress, jewelry, and handbag for if I ever marry someone famous and have to attend a red-carpet event with him…

7.       The weather was GORGEOUS when I left Harrods, so I went to Hyde Park.  I sat on the edge of the lake and enjoyed everything happening around me—the people, the swans that swim right up to you so long as they think they see a speck of bread floating around, the sun reflecting off the gentle waves.  I wish I had brought the book I’m reading (The Fault in Our Stars by John Green) or a journal with me.  It was the perfect environment to sit outside and do something literary.  Without those distractions, it was still a good environment to think deep, important thoughts that seem a little silly once you get back to your fluorescent lit bedroom and are surrounded by drying laundry.

8.       Speaking of laundry, I finally found the washing machine guide today, which led me to discover the setting that gets my close almost dry!  I had three shirts that were dry enough to fold and put away directly from the dryer.  It was a momentous occasion.

9.       A new episode of Doctor Who was on.

10.   I got to Skype with my sister.  For some reason when we Skype I can’t see her.  She can see me through the video chat, but it never works from her end.  Even so, it was great to talk to her.

11.   I kept thinking it was Sunday today.  Every time I remember that tomorrow is still the weekend, it’s like getting a bonus day off.

And that, my friends, is why my “Solo Saturday” was awesome.


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